Neil Cooper

Question: What does Therapy? mean to you?

Being a member of Therapy? means to me: Stretch limos and extreme wealth. The epitome of rock stardom actually (Ahem!). Does irony come through in print?

Question: Favourite Therapy? songs?

Can’t really answer that. Changes gig by gig. My fave Therapy? tune I didn’t originally play on would have to be a toss up between Knives and Ten Year Plan.

Question: Favourite Therapy? gig moment?

Must admit the European gigs earlier this year were amazing. It’s hard to pin down one moment. The Dublin and Belfast dates were really special. It was also the first time I’d been to Ireland!

Question: Worst Therapy? gig moment?

Trying to play Knives at the first gig I played with the fellas in Portugal. I could hear jack shit!! We could have been playing the theme tune to The Muppet Show for all I knew!!

Question: Who are your musical influences?

As a nipper I used to play along to: Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Neil Peart (Rush), Stuart Copeland (The Police) and loads of old Techno white labels.

Question: Have you played in any other bands?

The Beyond (Prog thrash metal – kind of), Cable (Clanky noise guitar specialists!), Gorilla (With 2 fellas out of The Beyond) and also currently doing Number of the Beats(hip hop/break beat type thing with Pete Darrington from Cable). I also have my own label – Sumo Recordings. Recent releases: Hudson Super Six 7″ single and Imogen EP. For info etc write to PO Box 5048, Derby, DE1 9YT, UK. (Bands please send me your stuff.)

Question: What are your hobbies?

Sumo Recordings and 5 a side football (causing broken shoulder. Resulting in very painful shooting of If It Kills Me Video and much frowning from management!!)

Question: Any strange facts about yourself?

I broke my nose when I was about 6 yrs old, showing off to two female friends. Tried to run down a flight of stairs like a dog! Obviously falling flat on my face!!!

Question: Name one item you can’t live without

Shower (Man, I love showers!)

Question: You have 24hrs to live, describe your day

What?! In shower all day nibbling Chocolate Malted Milks with Slayer’s Reign In Blood on full throttle!!! Shit man, all day in the shower. Imagine how pruned my fingers would be!

Question: Star sign?


All Time Favourites



Early Slayer, DJ Shadow, Public Enemy, Helmet, Rush, Shellac.



Tim Robbins, Robert de Niro and Robert Carlisle.


Got to be milk chocolate Malted Milk biscuits.