Johnny camo,
Has anyone got a copy of j camo they one to do a trade on
I have wide variety of music related items to trade with. So if you have a playable copy of Johnny camo please let me know. Or cash
Are you looking for a physical copy or you just want to hear it?
Physical if I can get one. What have you got
I don't have a spare copy to sell, but if you need to hear the songs, I can send them to you.
Do you mean CD or mp3. Hooch has already offered me a mp3 and I declined her kind offer. I'm really a bit of a completist, iv got alerts on several sites for j camo but no luck yet. But I do appreciate you trying to help me CH......... If there's anything I can do for u let me know
There's a couple for sale at Discogs. Kinda pricey but you can make an offer and who knows, it might be accepted.
Cheers for that dude. I'm on it

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