I made a playlist to accompany the book - So Much For the 30 Year Plan
Hello everyone.

First off, hope this is allowed - I don't come by these parts very often. 

Second - well done and thank you to Simon Young for this amazing book. I loved every page. 
One thing I noticed a lot in the book was Andy (or Michael or Neil) saying "I was listening to a lot of X", or "I really wanted to write a song that sounded like Y" and then listing a band or particular song. 

I find this stuff fascinating and I'm sorry to say I'd never heard a lot of the stuff that was being referenced, so I put a playlist together with as much of it as I could find, in the order it appears in the book (I've deliberately omitted a lot of the obvious stuff like Sabbath & Maiden). 

So I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else would enjoy it, I've certainly found some gems and bands that I'll be checking out more of. 

Spotify Playlist

Hey that's such a great idea - thank you! There's plenty I've never heard before too, looking forward to listening.
Thanks, it'll be a great listening companion to re-reading the book!

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