Rank Therapy? albums from best to... ahem... least best
(11-12-2018, 06:04 PM)Mikewatt Wrote:
(11-12-2018, 11:46 AM)Squall Wrote: Cleave and High Anxiety better than OCFA ?


For High Anxiety, without a doubt. It's a question of taste, certainly but High Anxiety is great. One Cure Fits All is very nice but a minor work in my opinion. For Cleave, it's difficult to say, because this album is so recent. it's necessary to wait, but I fear that Cleave wears quickly to the replay. It's diabolical efficiency but I do not find it very rich musically. We'll see.

Overall i'm surprised at the bad place of high anxiety in the fans rankings. Not only because it's my favorite album. It's just contrary to general  opinion and critics, and mostly inconsistent about the band's history and chronology. For exemple, See High Anxiety behind shameless is completely out of place in terms of musical quality and group history.
Sorry, Shameless is the poor album, with compositions of an incredible platitude and a nerdy sound. With High Anxiety we find a powerful and sophisticated sound, a return of creativity and melodic sense. It's the turning point of the career and the beginning of a positive spiral for the band. I'm French and I remember that in the early 2000s Therapy? was considered the typical nerdy and has been band. For sure a hard time. It was from Hig Anxiety that the band was again seen as a valuable group.
I'm not sure that the band would have survived a new missed album after Shameless...
Yeah, High Anxiety was where they turned it around I think and they became very focused on making the band a long-term prospect. Even more so I think once Martin left and they became a very focused three-piece again and delivered the growling monster that is NANE. I do kind of like the way Shameless is so out there though, and there are at least six song on there I really love. I can see why Andy feels the end product is a bit of a let down as it doesn't sound how they imagined it, but it does add a different 'colour' to the back catalogue. At the time I thought, 'ok, this is fine, but the Therapy? I love is never coming back'. I was wrong!

Time will tell with Cleave, I've only listened a few times (I usually do this with T? albums... listen to them quite rarely to keep them fresh, maybe this is weird?) but after four listens I'm liking it more and more. I think No Sunshine might be my favourite song they've released since Crooked Timber, but a few others like Expelled and I Stand Alone probably won't become all time classics.
I meant worse. I typed the wrong word hehe.

I tried OCFA again the other week and I still can't get over how bad and uninspired it sounds. The drums are almost non existent. The guitar tone is dreadful. The lyrics are half arsed and repetitive.

And I only just noticed that Private Nobody recycles teethgrinder.

But Andy replied to me on Insta that they know they rushed the writing and recording of it. Also in other interviews he said it wasn't finished and that's why they take 3 years+ per album now.

Also Shameless is great. You just have to be in the right mood for it. Although i'll never understand when bands have 2 songs on an album that sounds the exact same and sequence them back to back.

Alrite & Body Bag Girl have pretty much the same riff. But the production on the album is stellar. Stalk And Slash is amazing too.
15 votes now. Poor old Shameless getting a kicking. I like Shameless. Only bad song is Joey imo (the revving of engines and "gentlemen... start your axes" is almost unforgivable). Anyhow! Difficult to know where I'd rank Cleave as I did mine before it was released... maybe 7th or 8th. Anyway.

1- Troublegum 2.8
2- Babyteeth 4
3- Infernal Love - 4.47
4- Crooked Timber 4.93
5- Suicide Pact You First - 5.47
6- Nurse 6.07
7- Never Apologise Never Explain 6.33
8- Semi Detached 7.27
9- Disquiet 8.73
10- A Brief Crack of Light 8.87 
11- Cleave 10
12- Pleasure Death 10.1
13- One Cure Fits All 10.4
14- High Anxiety 10.67
15- Shameless 11.13
1) Troublegum
2) Nurse
3) Babyteeth
4) Semi Detached
5) Infernal Love
6) Pleasure Death
7) High Anxiety
8) Shameless
9) Cleave
10) Never Apologize Never Explain
11) Suicide Pact You First
12) Disquiet
13) Crooked Timber
14) A Brief Crack of Light
15) One Cure Fits All

Shameless has some really boring stuff on it, but also songs I really like. I love This One's for You.
Crooked Timber on the other hand doesn't do a lot for me except for the title track, which is great.
I have a literal spreadsheet now so it's easy to update... 16 votes now...

1- Troublegum 2.7
2- Babyteeth 3.9
3- Infernal Love - 4.5
4- Crooked Timber 5.4
5- Suicide Pact You First - 5.8
    Nurse 5.8
7- Never Apologise Never Explain 6.6
8- Semi Detached 7.1
9- Disquiet 8.9
10- A Brief Crack of Light 9.2
11- Pleasure Death 9.7
12- Cleave 9.8
13- High Anxiety 10.4
14- One Cure Fits All 10.7
15- Shameless 10.9
How is Cleave so far down ?!
The Fyfe Albums

1. Troublegum
2. Infernal love
3. Nurse
4. Babyteeth
5. Pleasure Death

The Graham Albums

1. Suicide Pact You First
2. Semi Detached
3. Shameless

The Neil Cooper albums.

1. Cleave
2. Never Apologise Never Explain
3. High Anxiety
4. Crooked Timber
5. Disquiet
6. A Brief Crack Of Light.
7. One Cure Fits All

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