So Much for the 30-Year Plan: Therapy? the Authorised Biography
Just finished reading the book myself!

What an amazing look back over the past 30 years! Thoroughly enjoyed every page and can't wait to see them live again. PLEASE come to Japan guys!! It's been too long!!
Finished the Book today, absolutely great to read the backround infos.
Only missing infos about the Andy / Martin sideprojekt KC Jones Reaction.
Enjoyed every page too. Smile
I think the book is a great read, especially for the casual fan, and obviously Simon put in a lot of work. 
However, the way the book is written, it's more like a self-biography/Therapy?'s memoirs, and while that's not necessarily bad, I would prefer if the story wasn't told entirely from the band's point of view.
Fyfe and Martin not participating is a big disappointment (especially Fyfe). I think Simon should have tried harder in order to reach them, he mentioned in an interview that he sent them an email and they didn't answer so he assumed they weren't interested, that's kind of a cheap excuse. Even if Fyfe wasn't up to talking -since we know how private he is- I would have tried speaking to people he hanged around with, because even after reading the book I have no idea what kind of person he is, and why he and the rest of the guys became so apart.
I would have loved to read what early fans of the band had to say, bands they played with, roadies, people in the music industry, producers, etc. Also, I would have expected to read a bit more about the album art (maybe some words by Nigel Rolfe as well), which is only mentioned in passing.
Don't want to sound too negative, it sure is a great book. As a hardcore Therapy? fan though, I can't help feeling a little disappointed, as the book didn't delve too deeply into T?'s history as I would want it to.
Perhaps it has to do with time constraints and the fact that it was Simon's first book, but nonetheless, I enjoyed reading it.
Yes you can buy it from Wordery, they shop worldwide:

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