Pick one song from each album to hear live (30 Year Tour dreaming!)
I have a phobia of clowns and was not pleased to discover it was the best song on the album Cry
Babyteeth : Animal Bones
Pleasure Death : Prison Breaker
Nurse : Neck Freak
Troublegum : Hellbelly
Infernal Love : Epilepsy
Semi Detached : Born Too Soon
Suicide Pact – You First : Six Mile Water
Shameless : Dance
High Anxiety : Stand In Line
Never Apologise Never Explain : Rise Up
One Cure Fits All : Into The Light
Crooked Timber : Crooked Timber
A Brief Crack of Light : The Buzzing
Disquiet : Helpless Still Lost
Cleave : Save Me From The Ordinary

B-side / rarity / compilation : Suing God
Wild Card 1 : Ecclesiastes
Wild Card 2 : No Sunshine
Wild Card 3 : Speedball
Wild Card 4 : He's Not That Kind Of Girl

Is my current thinking. Tomorrow the list could well be different. I'd be happy if they just played Animal Bones and left the stage to be honest. I first saw them 25 years ago and am still waiting for that one!
They once did a vote at a Leeds gig between Dancing With Manson and Animal Bones. Manson won, I wanted Animal Bones.
Not that Dancin' With Manson isn't a class tune, but I've seen them play it. That would have been gutting!

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