Death Race 2020
Death Race 16 - 2020 Edition
1) Pick TWENTY celebrities who you think are going to pop their clogs in 2020.
2) The only restrictions are that they have to be real people, 18+, and can’t be on death row / scheduled for execution.
3) The score you get for a death depends on the celebrity’s AGE as follows:
18-29 years: 12 points
30-49 years: 10 points
50-59 years: 9 points
60-69 years: 8 points
70-79 years: 7 points
80-89 years: 6 points
90-99 years: 5 points
100-109 years: 4 points
110+ years: 3 points
4) BONUS points are awarded as follows:
Unique pick: +3 if you were the only competitor to pick that person.
Unlucky 13: +2 for a celeb who dies on the 13th of any month.
Unnatural causes: +3 for murder, suicide or accident (but not State executions).
Party pooper: +5 for a celeb who dies on their birthday or Xmas Day (date of death is that of the region where they died).
Joker: Nominate one of your celebs as joker - if your joker dies you get double points for that person.
5) They must be famous enough to get a major news website obituary or to have a wikipedia entry that isn’t a stub
6) In the event of a tie, the following criteria is used in this order:
a) The most correctly-chosen deceased celebs.
b) The youngest average age of hits.
c) The first to score points that year.
7) The deadline is end of Jan (but we won’t be too strict with that)
8) Remember to check that your entrants aren’t already dead
9) Committing murder is cheating
10) Good luck! :-)

2005: Deadsetgav
2006: Ci? (Lola)
2007: sp
2008: The Autosurgeon
2009: Caffinebomb
2010: Jobrok (with 22 points)
2011: Lola (with 38 points)
2012: Chr1s (with 48 points)
2013: Dermot (with 41 points)
2014: Moldenwibe (with 43 points)
2015: Mike Hill (49 points)
2016: Chr1s (with 48 points)
2017: Mfgeorge (with 57 points)
2018: Chr1s (with 28 points)
2019: Jerry (with 58 points)
Genuinely difficult to think of 20 people!

Alan Bennett
Angela Lansbury
Charlie Sheen
David Attenborough
Donald Trump
Glenda Jackson
Honor Blackman
Imelda Marcos
Matthew Perry
Nicholas Parsons
Noam Chomsky
Ozzy Osbourne
Prince Philip **joker**
Shane MacGowan
The Queen
Tom Baker
Winona Ryder
Hooch ,im amazed .Seven or eight yrs ago you once said ,i want nothing to do with your seedy little game,, ,,,,,,,,,welcome ,,,,,,,its more fun than it looks,,,,,,,,,and 20 choices aint enough ,,,,good luck
Hooch i misquoted you you actually said ,our sick little game ,,,,,,LOL
Just found a few mins ago ,a member of rush has died of brain cancer ,im well devastated neal peart the drummer
@Crazy Horse - I still feel ambivalent but since we're low on members these days, I figured I'd better give you some competition!
1 Megan Markle
2 Duke of Edinburgh
3 Ken Clarke
4 Justin Bieber
5 Edward Furlong
6 Gene Simmons
7 Billy Connolly
8 Trump
9 Boris Johnson
10 Terry Jones
11 Miriam Margolyes
12 Vanessa Redgrave
13 Jon Voigt
14 Ginger Wildheart
15 Tim Curry
16 Chris Tarrant
17 David Attenborough
18 Barry Cryer joker
19 Bernie Sanders
20 Simon Cowell
HOOCH ,i knew you were doin it for the site,,,,,good on yer
1) Justin Beiber
2) Pope Francis
3) Queen Elizabeth
4) Prince Phillip (he won't kill himself)
5) Bill Clinton
6) Jimmy Carter
7) Mick Jagger
8) Johnny Depp (Joker)
9) Keith Richards
10) Sadiq Kahn
11) Barry Manilow
12) Betty White
13) Bernie Sanders
14) Ayatollah Khamenei (natural causes)
15) Ozzy Osbourne
16) Alex Trebeck
17) Rodrigo Duterte
18) Angela Merkel
19) Julian Assange
20) Miley Cyrus

RIP Neil Peart. Rest easy Maestro
1) 6ix9ine
2) Queen Elizabeth II
3) Murray Walker
4) Mohammed Deif
5) John Le Carre
6) Cormac McCarthy
7) Radovan Karadžić
8) Joan Didion
9) Don King
10) Eminem
11) Vera Lynn
12) Jack Charlton
13) Prince Philip (Joker)
14) Donald Trump
15) Tila Tequila
16) Jimmy Carter
17) Pope Benedict XVI
18) Roman Polanski
19) Kirk Douglas
20) Paul Gascoigne

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