Death Race 2020 Anyone?
Are we not doing Death Race 2020?
I'm sure Dermot will turn up eventually!
Sorry guys. I'll get a thread up now. I'll double check everyone's 2019 scores tomorrow, but I'm 99% sure Jerry has won with 58.

I see Larry Gogan died, he was on someone's list, but that was in 2020
How many are up for it ?,,,,,,,,,,,i,m in
I'm not sure if D list is gonna happen. And more importantly is derm OK . In these trying times
Yeah he's not been around has he? I don't really know him other than from this message board. Fingers crossed he's okay.
yeah it's a bit unusual. It's funny how you can get so concerned about someone you have never met. I'm sure we will hear from him soon

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