Going to Belfast for a couple of days - any recommendations of things to see and (veggie) places to eat?
I do recommend the Guinness ,go get ratarsed girl
(10-13-2019, 07:48 PM)hoochalobster Wrote: Going to Belfast for a couple of days - any recommendations of things to see and (veggie) places to eat?

For vegetarian food, Jumon on Fountain Street in the city centre is supposed to be good.

In terms of things to see and do in Belfast... um... there's political walking tours which people seem to like. I did DC Tours with a visitor a few weeks back, he seemed to enjoy it:

There's old pubs like Kelly's Cellars, White's Tavern etc.

In terms of rock / metal venues... Voodoo on Fountain Street is probably your best bet (right beside Jumon):

The Oh Yeah Centre on Gordon Street has some Therapy? memorabilia I think (at least it did the last time I was in - which was admittedly years ago).

Here's a gig guide in case there's any good gigs on when you're here

Hope you have a good time Hooch!

Aw thanks Dermot, this is great! I will definitely try to make a pilgrimage to Oh Yeah Belfast and I've heard from others that Jumon is good as well.

@Crazyhorse I will partake of a Guinness in your honour!
Good girl,,,,,,
Hooch i just remeembered something very special you should see on your trip ,the harland and wolf ship yard was where they built the titanic ,and around 20 years ago they recrated the bough of the ship where it was buit ,they also have good visiters centre ,a lot peope go to pay their repects,,,,,,,,just a suggestion
Ah, I didn't check the WoM while I was away so I missed this suggestion - we did have a pint of Guinness as promised though! Sadly didn't manage the walking tour as they were only once a day and we couldn't fit it in but we did make the pilgrimage to Oh Yeah to see the Therapy? bits (still there!) Had an amazing day vsiting the Giant's Causeway and then driving down the Antrim coast to Ballygally. Also Jumon was bloody lovely, as was Ginger's Bistro. Belfast <3 <3 <3
Ach that's great Hooch, I'm glad! 

I thought you were keeping to Belfast, but East Antrim (Ballygally) is very much Therapy? country... you may well have gone through Larne, which is basically where Fyfe and Michael are from... Andy is from Ballyclare, about 10 miles away... Ballyclare Comrades FC play Screamager over the speaker system when the team runs out.
Glad you had a great time
Thanks guys!  @Derm - I wasn't really sure how far we could travel as my mother-in-law was the only driver and we had limited time (we were there for a wedding) but as it turned out she was very happy taking us out of Belfast and into the countryside. 

I was tempted to suggest a visit to Ballyclare and Larne for my own pleasure in historic T? places of interest but didn't think was going to wash with the rest of the family as a good enough reason!  Having said that we did go to Carrickfergus because the MIL likes Van Morrison Dodgy

That's ace about the football club Big Grin

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