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There seems to be a lot of shite spam postings on the WoM recently.  I assume everyone sees it, and it is not just my personal settings that are allowing me to delve into the world of small penis pics or practicing authorisation letters.

As fun as they all are, is there any way to block the bots from the site?
So far I have not found any way to improve the controls. The registration process is robust (Captcha, email confirmation) so I don't really understand how so many are getting though. All I can do is manually block them.

I have been using the control panel (again, manually) to look at registrations and block obvious fake accounts. There are also some email hosts that I have blocked from being used to create accounts for obvious repeat offenders.

It seems that a lot of spammers are wise to the ways of MyBB and other major forum players, we were lucky with yellowtopia that it was so small it flew under the radar of most of this crap.

Anyway, I shall continue to monitor support forums etc for ways to prevent spam. I have registered us with and will be installing their plug-in soon. That allows you to report spam and hopefully block spammers that have been reported by other forums.

Bear with, and hopefully things will improve as we get to grasps with this brave new world!

super. thanks Hooch. keep up the good work.
Hi KamParl

There's very few restrictions on what you can post so I'm not sure why it's doing that. You can't put more than 10 images or 2 videos in a post but there aren't any other rules in place. If you want to send a screenshot to sarah[at] I will try to help.

Thanks, Sarah
Try a different browser or clearing your cache
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