I Stand Alone (Movie)
So I watched this yesterday. Man, it is bleak. But very powerful too.

Anyone else seen it? It's quite hard to track down, I ended up paying about £30 for it I think.
Its French language, directed by Gaspar Noe. I saw one of his films years ago when I was a student, Irreversible, it was kind of notorious. Since then he's made a few others, Enter The Void was quite well known I think, but haven't seen it.

Anyway, I Stand Alone is his first feature length movie. Made in the late 90s, set in France 1980. A broke and unemployed horse meat butcher is at the end of his rope, ranting about life, plotting revenge against people he thinks have wronged him. Scenes cut with the sound of a gunshot, violence simmers. It's a bit like a cross between the Trigger Inside video and Taxi Driver.

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