Irish Tour 2019
(01-09-2019, 04:15 PM)Jerry Wrote: Going to the Galway , Limerick and Cork gigs with two other fans. Sort of a double threesome.

Me too, was going to go to the Dundalk gig but it was sold out so I won't see you till next week Kossu  Smile
I see they're playing Custom House Square in Belfast in August. They're third on the bill though behind Stiff Little Fingers & New Model Army - think I'll give that one a miss. Saw them do a similar gig there years ago supporting The Undertones / The Thrills...

Looking forward to Dundalk anyway!
Promoters need to arrange the gig, if they don't think it'll make money, no gig.
I was at that one too The Derminator. Just looked up when it was. Wow!

Saturday, May 28, 2005: Leya, The Revs, The Undertones, Therapy?, The Thrills

I was a bit sceptical (especially being beneath the absolutely woeful band The Thrills on the bill) but I suppose it's exposure for the band with people who wouldn't otherwise see or hear them. Or even have heard of them!

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