It's me: Smeghead. I abandoned you guys for many, many years and I'm very sorry. Had a chance meeting with Hooch and others this evening and it made me realise just how cool it all was back before Faceache and Twatter and all that shit.
Anyway, if you chatted with me back in the day and would like to reconnect then please add me on Facebook (Anna Cook).
I've had to create a new identity on here because I cannot remember my username etc.
Anyway, fucking Manchester. Jeez, still buzzing. Hope you all ended up in Big Hands with an aftershow that makes your head hurt.
Love you all. Anna xxxx
Hah it was so lovely to run into you!

We ended up in The Salisbury for a couple of hours after the show; I was on my best behaviour but I understand that Kossu / Citizen Erased and others got involved in some Jagerbombs after I left Big Grin Big Grin  If I'd been drinking I would've marched us up to Big Hands hahah

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