New Therapy? Album ‘18
(05-14-2018, 09:15 AM)Squall Wrote: I'm fine with T? sticking to a more classic T? sound from now on. Andy is in his 50s now - it sort of makes sense to do something that's a bit more commercially viable.

Disquiet was their most successful album in years - Top 70 in the album charts I believe ?

Just as long as they don't turn into AC/DC and put out the exact same album every 3 years.

That's my fear!
Mine too Cactus. I'd selfishly rather they'd split up than that... but then again how many of us with mortgages, various other bills, kids to support etc would do that if we were in the same situation?

(05-13-2018, 08:49 PM)Cactus Wrote: I'm not going to judge the new album before I hear it a few times, that's for sure. The cynic in me gets the feeling that the band now are kind of looking to secure the longevity of a band like say The Stranglers, to be able to keep doing what they do. And maybe the key to that idea is to keep making the kind of album they think people want to hear in a Therapy? album - so Disquiet was marketed as a kind of sequel to Troublegum, and this time they've gone all out and got Chris Sheldon on board. It's just a little surprising after all the years they said 'we're not going to make Troublegum part 2' in interviews. But to be fair, it probably is the kind of thing a lot of people want or expect from a Therapy? album.

For me, at their best they're a band that blends different styles into quite a unique form of noisy music. I felt like I was familiar with Disquiet after a couple of listens. But when I go back to stuff like Babyteeth, Infernal Love, SPYF, Crooked Timber, and Shameless too (that Endino production!) I can still find things that surprise me. Disquiet only really surprised me in terms of how familiar it felt from the start. I like having to work at an album a bit to get my head around it. I like Disquiet, but for me its not in the top tier of T? stuff.

It's worth remembering that Troublegum is quite an unusual album - there's cellos on there, really effective female backing vocals on a couple of tracks, an absolutely killer cover version, the production has a lot of layers, and there's a lot of different styles of riffs going on. It was full of surprises at the time too. I hope the new one knocks my socks off.

Great post. The first two paragraphs pretty much align with my thoughts.
(05-13-2018, 11:54 AM)trigger Wrote: I can understand why someone who enjoys crooked timber and abcol  does not like disquiet, and vice versa. The former represent the experimental, avant garde, "mature" side of therapy?, while the latter is a return to the more simplistic, classic, straight forward sound of them. 

Whichever sonic approach t? choose, they're good at both, so i don't agree with people dissing abcol or disquet. Sure, they're very different albums, they might not be your cup of tea, but neither of them are shit or d-level material

p.s. it really is a mystery why they decided to leave the best songs from the abcol sessions out of the album... i think abcol is great as it is, but they could have easily released a 14-song album which would compete in terms of quality with their classics.

well said.. we should be happy the band are still recording, still innovative, still different, still touring, and still releasing quality albums, even if the odd one is not everyone's cup of tea..

Our view of the albums change as well.  I surprise myself how many times i play Shameless.  I didn't like it when released but now it is well up there. Tango Romeo is one of my favourite t? tracks... who the fuck knew, eh?

So relax everyone, it will be fine.  I have it on good authority that the album title is actually "Cleave [Goldilocks]" as it will be perfect for absolutely everyone..
I don't mind the sound of Disquiet as it sounds as if that's what they were going for.

You can still hear all the instruments clearly. On One Cure Fits All - it sounds like they wanted Suicide Pact muddiness and Troublegum sheen at the same time and it didn't work at all.

And yeah - in the final chorus of Deluded Son - the drums are completely absent.

If "Cleave" sounds at least as good as Semi Detached it'll be great. I don't expect it to be as hectic as that album though or have any Don't Expect Roses.
September eh
Too hard to make a judgement from 25 seconds of an ultra-compressed YouTube video but the snippet sounds sharper than Disquiet for sure. Good vocal harmonies.
Very true, but it does sound nice and sharp.
What I like most about T? albums is when they surprise me. My taste is pretty varied and I don't actually listen to that much heavy music, but my favourite T? albums all have a great mixture of texture, structure, atmosphere and strong melodies. Which is probably why I'm not big on HA, OCFA and Disquiet, but absolutely love CT and ABCOL. Sometimes I think "what kind of album would I love a band to make?", and those two are the closest a band has ever come to making those dream albums for me. So Cleave looking like another poppy one doesn't bode well for me. But I'll get it and give it a listen, and I'm sure there'll be at least a couple of songs I like on there, as on all of their albums. And if it is generally straight-forward stuff then I wouldn't be surprised if they want to stretch themselves next time. Much as I get where people are coming from by saying they might want to play it a bit more safe at this point, I honestly can't imagine a band as creative and with influences as diverse as theirs being happy to keep pushing out variations on the same sound.
Seeing as Disquiet was a big hit for them - i'm not shocked they wanna try and capitalise on that. After all it is their living. I can't see them making another Suicide Pact You First .

They do need to pay the bills and the crew etc etc.

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