New Therapy? Album ‘18
I totally agree about Pitiless Void and don't forget Dark Naughty Steps. I'd put Suing God in the same category. As much as I love SemiDetached, Suing God is way better than Don't Expect Roses and a couple of other tracks... Shameless wouldn't be my favourite album but I prefer it to Disquiet and High Anxiety. I prefer OCFA to all of these (and don't think it's production is any worse than Disquiet).

On the subject of your Mrs preparing to throw ABCOL out the window, my mate who is a long term Therapy? fan, has the back catalogue and has seen them live many times, did actually throw Disquiet in the bin. I just find it odd that everyone on here seems to love it whilst everyone I know personally who has it feels the complete opposite.
Yep, Suing God is great!
Interesting conversation! I'd agree that the production on Disquiet is lacking, but there are some cracking songs on there. 'Vulgar Display of Powder' being my favourite. As much as the ABCOL and Crooked Timber albums were lauded, to be honest I don't really return to them that much. Oddly, the 5 ABCOL out-takes in the Gemil box are among my favourite songs by the band... why they left them off the album is a mystery to me. Perhaps surprisingly, the OCFA album is the album I return to most from the Neil era, even though I'd agree that it's poorly produced. There are some dogs on it ('Into the Light' etc), but the majority are great (Sprung, Deluded Son, Unconsoled, Our White Noise, Rain Hits Concrete, Walk Through Darkness, DSA).

For Cleave I'm hoping that Chris Sheldon has reinstated some of the punch which has been lacking from the last few albums, including Andy's guitar sound which I'm convinced he hasn't got right since Martin left the band (in other words, when Martin joined I think Andy altered his tone and attack to compliment the second guitar, and since Martin left I don't think Andy has changed his sound (back?) to compensate).
I love OCFA! I return to it even more often than to the other albums. The best about T? has always been that you never know what they deliver us next, diversity yes! I have a feeling that none will complain about production, songs, artwork etc. after the release of the next album. Bring it on and we will be "wiser" again;D
It’s a new album and something to look forward to. Personally I’ve found something in every album that I’ve liked. Shameless (Jack Endino production!) OCFA (some amazing tunes) and High Anxiety (bad ass distortion and drums) included. Depends on my mood and groove.

Callow has a wicked verse and chorous. Flashback Jack sounds groovy as hell. Spat Out has attitude to match the title. With Chris Sheldon at the helm Cleave has all the hallmarks of a great album!
I can understand why someone who enjoys crooked timber and abcol  does not like disquiet, and vice versa. The former represent the experimental, avant garde, "mature" side of therapy?, while the latter is a return to the more simplistic, classic, straight forward sound of them. 

Whichever sonic approach t? choose, they're good at both, so i don't agree with people dissing abcol or disquet. Sure, they're very different albums, they might not be your cup of tea, but neither of them are shit or d-level material

p.s. it really is a mystery why they decided to leave the best songs from the abcol sessions out of the album... i think abcol is great as it is, but they could have easily released a 14-song album which would compete in terms of quality with their classics.
(05-12-2018, 12:27 AM)richboy Wrote: I actually had to google Idiot Cousin to find out which track it is as it's so shit I left it off my abridged copy of Disquiet on my 'phone (which consists of 7 songs, one of which is a "B" side and, to be honest, stretching it to that many tracks is generous). The other two you mentioned are ok, but I'd certainly put them below Ecclesiastes and The Buzzing...

Anyway, I may (or may not) edit this later, as I don't want to be negative, but Disquiet was such a huge letdown to me and to be honest I feel like Cleave will be similar.  I've been a fan of Therapy? since Troublegum. They were my first gig (Fyfe's last gig at the Ulster Hall). I love the band and Crooked Timber and A Brief Crack Of Light only reinforced that. And then there was Disquiet. Which frankly, to me, seemed like not only the band, but also Tom Dalgetty and even Nigel Rolfe couldn't be arsed. Unfortunately (for me) the album proved popular and from what I can see (and have heard so far), Cleave will be a Disquiet2. Hopefully I'm proved wrong. Anyway, I, for one, am glad that the band throughout their career have done it for themselves - that's how we got Infernal Love (possibly my favourite album ever) straight after the masterpiece, (but very different album) that was Troublegum. So I sincerely hope that (in the nicest possible way) they neither care about your opinion or mine.

Squall, Disquiet to me seems to be OCFA to you. I HATE Disquiet and High Anxiety (although it sounds good, unlike Disquiet). I LOVE Infernal Love, Crooked Timber, Babyteeth (and most of the other albums). I think we have to celebrate the diversity of this band, but me and all my mates who love Therapy? all hate Disquiet. As we are in the minority (from what I can gather) that's not an issue, but I really hope I'm wrong and this new album isn't a Disquiet2: to you that would be like a OCFA2 which I'm sure you wouldn't welcome. Anyway, yes, I say that The Buzzing and Eclesiastes are MUCH superior to the tracks you mentioned. That  could mean I am wrong, but it doesn't mean you are right.

Disquiet is no Troublegum but it's light years better than OCFA for sure. I'm hoping that Cleave is to Disquiet as hardwired To Self Destruct is to Death magnetic.

Derath magnetic was good. It was certainly a huge step up from St Anger but the songs were loose and forced and the production wasnt great.

however ( imo ) - Hardwired To Self Destruct is Pure Metallica. Great songs with great arrangements and playing and pristine production.

I'm hoping Chris Sheldon brings out the best in them !
I'm not going to judge the new album before I hear it a few times, that's for sure. The cynic in me gets the feeling that the band now are kind of looking to secure the longevity of a band like say The Stranglers, to be able to keep doing what they do. And maybe the key to that idea is to keep making the kind of album they think people want to hear in a Therapy? album - so Disquiet was marketed as a kind of sequel to Troublegum, and this time they've gone all out and got Chris Sheldon on board. It's just a little surprising after all the years they said 'we're not going to make Troublegum part 2' in interviews. But to be fair, it probably is the kind of thing a lot of people want or expect from a Therapy? album.

For me, at their best they're a band that blends different styles into quite a unique form of noisy music. I felt like I was familiar with Disquiet after a couple of listens. But when I go back to stuff like Babyteeth, Infernal Love, SPYF, Crooked Timber, and Shameless too (that Endino production!) I can still find things that surprise me. Disquiet only really surprised me in terms of how familiar it felt from the start. I like having to work at an album a bit to get my head around it. I like Disquiet, but for me its not in the top tier of T? stuff.

It's worth remembering that Troublegum is quite an unusual album - there's cellos on there, really effective female backing vocals on a couple of tracks, an absolutely killer cover version, the production has a lot of layers, and there's a lot of different styles of riffs going on. It was full of surprises at the time too. I hope the new one knocks my socks off.
This thread inspired me to go back and listen to ABCOL tonight and gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. It's a lot "punkier" than I remembered. Bounces along pretty quickly.

Andy is really good at writing about getting "older" as well I think. On my birthday in a couple of weeks I'll be closer to 40 than 30. A lot of T?s contemporaries couldn't get past teen / young adulthood angst in their songs and I think that's another reason for T?s longevity.

Tried to see if the same worked with sticking OCFA on after, not so much I'm afraid
I'm fine with T? sticking to a more classic T? sound from now on. Andy is in his 50s now - it sort of makes sense to do something that's a bit more commercially viable.

Disquiet was their most successful album in years - Top 70 in the album charts I believe ?

Just as long as they don't turn into AC/DC and put out the exact same album every 3 years.

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