Suicide Pact chat On podcast
Google riot act podcast and on the 2nd pod you'll get Andy talking about Suicide Pact. Enjoyed it. Listened to it at 4am trying to put a 4 month old to sleep. Times have changes since I first heard it.
So they have vaguely discussed touring it in small venues and a possible vinyl edition. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers, I'm downloading it now.

I couldn't find the Diamond Dave one on my podcast app though
I think Total Rock's use of the word 'podcast' is still a bit erroneous - hopefully it will mean more than 'mp3 download' at some point...
Riot Act was really interesting! good listen.
Andy & Mike must have made a few £££ on Troublegum to afford to pay for the recording of Suicide Pact, the tour including all the crew and Martin & Grahams wages.
Hey thanks for posting this!

Suicide Pact is probably my favourite T? album, it barely left my CD player for a whole year when it came out. I still revisit it now and then and still love it. One of my top 10 rock ablums of all time.
I'll be going to one of the UK dates in November, having heard Andy talking about all the shit people talked about the album at the time, I'd love the chance to speak with Andy or Michael and let them know how much that album has stayed with me.
Really great interview. Andy was very candid about the situation at the time! Gotta say, a Terry Date-produced T? album is a mind-boggling concept!
We're motherfucking therapy y'all Fuck yeah fuck yeah !

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