Diamond Dave Semi-Detached interview
This podcast interview with Michael and Andy about Semi-Detached is pure gold! Just got to the story about making the Lonely, Cryin Only video, hilarious!

It's in part one here:

Shall give it a listen tonight.
Very enjoyable listen
It was nice to hear some more detail about one of the many Therapy? albums that feel a bit overlooked these days. I'd be happy if they stuck Tightrope Walker in the set for the next tour, Michael and Andy both sounded keen! Magic song.
Really enjoyed that. I hope Dave makes more episodes available to download as I never usually get to listen to his show.
It's a great album with lots of songs that would fit in t? 's live set. Unfortunately the only song that seems to make the cut  these last years (very rarely though) is lco. Maybe it's harder for them to reproduce on stage the two guitars sound from the martin era.
I didn't think Straight Life worked when I saw them play it as a three piece, as it needs both guitars. But, they do have Stevie Firth doing second guitar for them live these days so who knows?
No mention of therapy in the above part one link.
You may have missed it Kill_Hill - I think Dave said the episodes are only up for a week and then replaced with the latest episode. I expect someone (i.e. Alan!) will have recorded it though.
Ah well. I see that they have done something with the riot act podcast about semi d and a few other bits.

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