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I can't see anything in the options to suggest it's disabled.  Might need to find a plug-in.  I shall investigate further over the weekend.
Well, I have had a somewhat unsuccessful afternoon installing various plugins and fiddling with code I don't understand to try and fix the video embedding issue. So far, I have not been able to work out what's wrong with it. However, I did find a small plugin that will specifically allow you to embed videos from YouTube.

So, use square brackets not round ones and type:

(utb)youtube video ID(/utb)

By video ID I mean the bit at the end of the youtube URL, after the = symbol.
Sweet, will give it a go. Cheers for looking into it!
Im still learning this... hopefully this will be the LAST time WOM is being upadated in my "life"Big Grin
Tongue Fingers crossed!
I'm using mobile friendly version on my phone. It's grand, no complaints.
I use the mobile version she in here. When you go into the therapy chat one all the threads are kinda pushed to the left of the screen.
She in here?

Not sure what you mean but if you could email me some screenshots I can look on the support forums to see if there's a fix?  Let me know what browser etc you're using too.

Any idea why I can't send PM's?

Updated: seems ok in full site just doesn't work on mobile for me.
Is it giving you an error message, or is it just not there?

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