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(06-06-2018, 10:17 PM)Kill_Hill Wrote: Gotta say I'm not be fan of their t shirts as in the make of them. I'd love I'd they used some softer fabrics and less of the cardboard material. Anyone else find this to be an annoyance?

I love the content of the box set, but damn if the thing didn't seem to be put together by a 3 year old with a glue stick and some colo(u)ring paper.  If I store it vertically, the CD's fall to the bottom of the box along with the little cardboard circles that are supposed to hold them in place. 

As far as shirts, I've found them a bit hit and miss as well.  My TG reissue and the one that has all the album titles on are ace, but most others are brittle bastards.

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