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(08-20-2018, 03:00 PM)satanslittlehelper Wrote: Hello everyone,

I used to be active on the old Teethgrinder.com forums run by Rene, this is going back to 2000 - 2001 I think? Feels like a bloody long time ago when I write it down. Already recognise a couple of names from those days..
Anyway, Therapy? are playing near me in November so I thought I'd grab a ticket, then stumbled across this page.

I've never really stopped listening to Therapy?, but I haven't really listened to anything after High Anxietey. So I guess I need to do a bit of homework before I see them, what are people's reccomendations album-wise? Any particular songs that tend to get played Live that I should know?



And welcome back.

I ran a thread  on ranking Therapy? albums recently. 

Post High Anxiety, this is the order that people ranked them:

1-Crooked Timber
2-Never Apologise Never Explain
3-A Brief Crack of Light
5-One Cure Fits All

Crooked Timber actually ranked higher than classics like Infernal Love and Nurse, so as Hooch says, I would definitely start there.

I'm actually jealous that you're getting to binge on 15 years worth of Therapy? albums... plus another one next month!  Tongue

My own personal ranking of post High Anxiety albums would be:

1-Disquiet (this was their highest album chart wise since Suicide Pact, got great reviews from the likes of The Quietus, BBC 6 Music airplay etc, seen as a semi sequel to Troublegum)
2-Crooked Timber (I see High Anxiety to One Cure Fits All as being a bit of a mid career slump. But Crooked Timber is where it starts getting really good again. It has a bit of edge.)
3-A Brief Crack of Light
4-One Cure Fits All
5-Never Apologise Never Explain (never liked that album, even at the time)

1- Troublegum 2.83
2- Babyteeth 3.71
3- Crooked Timber 4.08
4- Infernal Love 4.5
5- Suicide Pact You First - 5.67
6- Nurse 6.25
7- Semi Detached 6.5
8- Never Apologise Never Explain 6.67
9- A Brief Crack of Light 8.5
10- Disquiet 8.58
11- Pleasure Death 10
12- One Cure Fits All 10.42
13- Shameless 10.67
14- High Anxiety 11.08

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