2 Tickets for Belfast Limelight for sale
Hi, We originally booked this for my birthday, 26th Sept 2020, and because it was supposed to be the last gig of the tour in their home town, and because my husband is from N Ireland we were soo excited to go. Booked our flights ( as we live in Cheshire on the mainland) and hotel etc..alas Coronavirus prevented this from happening. The gig was rescheduled to this April, so we rescheduled flights and hotel ( costing over 100) and have now found out that the gig is rescheduled yet again for Feb 2022.  Now, it's not on my birthday or the last gig of the tour anymore so special feeling gone, and after finding out that they're playing Manchester in Nov 2021..which is sooner and closer to home, I don't want to spend another couple of hundred pounds rescheduling, so selling the tickets and hopefully from the money will buy some tickets for the Manchester gig this November instead. 

so I have 2 X tickets for the Limelight Belfast Therapy 30th Anniversary Tour. We paid £25 per ticket with ticket master, who charged us a total of £55.50. 
I am hoping to get my money back so selling at the original price. 

If anyone is interested, please let us know and we can arrange details.
I think your best bet is posting this on the T? official fb page, or the T? fans worldwide fb group. There are not too many people visiting this forum.

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