Crooked Timber
I know this is a huge long shot, I have looked everywhere but I am looking to purchase Crooked Timber on vinyl and wondered if anybody on here was tempted to sell theirs?
I have a copy but I wouldn't sell it, sorry! Your best bet is Discogs, it appears there from time to time, but its price seems to have picked up considerably lately.
It’s like gold dust now! I’m happy to pay a pretty penny for it, so will keep an eye out every day on there. Thank you!!
Yeah I wonder how many copies were actually pressed... ABCOL and Disquiet vinyls are very easy to come by, even the limited to 500 copies Cleave coloured vinyl.
Anyways, good luck with your searching, I'm sure you'll find a copy sooner or later Wink
My vinyl copy came in a white cover. Only played it once coz I use the CD. Just wondered if all vinyl copies came in white or did some come in black like the cd
In fact I just checked my t? Vinyl and CD collection. And on the back of my CT CD it says underneath the tracklist. For promotion only in big letters....... And I'm sure I bought it from the t? SITE.

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