Long time fan, new member
Hi guys!

My name is Brendan and I'm from England, nice to meet you all!

I've been a big Therapy? fan since my high school years (mid-90's) but I've only seen them play once in my life! 

I moved to Japan way back in 2001 where I've resided ever since. Chances to see the band play here are pretty much non-existent sadly, so I hope to travel to Europe again sometime next year and see if I can catch my second ever T? gig!

Anyways, nice to meet you!

It's only taken me 2 decades to reach out to the T? community, but I got here in the end! haha
Hey hey! Nice to meet you.

Where did you see them play? I'm the same - mid-90s high school fan, first saw them in Leeds in 1994.

Fngers crossed for your trip to Europe Big Grin
Unfortunately it seems we can't post pics here, but the one and only time I saw them play live was actually at my local record store on Oct. 2nd 2004!

They did an instore signing and gig to celebrate the release of "Never Apologize, Never Explain". There must've been around 70 people and I was pretty much front row and stood directly in front of Andy, so I had him literally singing at my face. So close!!

After that, I figured I'd never get to top the experience, but here I am 15 years later wishing I can go to an actual T? show since I've "only" seen a 6 song set in a tiny room by the band! haha
Hello !
Record store gig sounds ace! I think the smallest venue I've seen them in was when they did a couple of fanclub-only gigs in the 90s, I can't remember the venue but it was in Liverpool and small, maybe 100-150 people. Very sweaty Big Grin

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