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Therapy? on Spotify - Moldenwibe - 05-29-2018

Anyone happen to know why Semi-Detached and NANE are not on Spotify?  Were they ever...

If anyone has the inclination, then please request these albums via:


Same applies to BT and PD, but more understandable why they might not be there

RE: Therapy? on Spotify - The_Derminator - 05-29-2018

I put in a request there.

I went to play Semi-Detached on Spotify the other day and was surprised when I couldn't find it.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it used to be on there?

RE: Therapy? on Spotify - Moldenwibe - 05-30-2018

I thought SD was on there as well, but could be wrong. Surprised as Universal would have the infrastructure to get all releases onto Spotify.

RE: Therapy? on Spotify - Beefgrinder - 07-03-2018

Babyteeth and Pleasure Death were on there up until a few years ago, not sure why they got pulled. Never seen Semi-Detached though.