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Amazing T? Songs you forgot existed - gb199 - 02-15-2019

Hey all

I’m struggling with bastard insomnia tonight and it’s party T?s fault. I was playing songs at random from my entire collection earlier and Unconsoled came on. It’s been in my head ever since and it’s fricking amazing! But is unfortunately on OCFA which is not one of my favourite albums so I haven’t heard it in years

Anyone else have a favourite T? song they managed to forget over the years?

RE: Amazing T? Songs you forgot existed - Squall - 02-16-2019

I tried OCFA again recently and - yes I know I go on about it - but it really is bad. It was one of those " Ahhh - it can't be as bad as I remember...Oh it is..." moments.


This most recent time - I only just realised that Private Nobody is trying to be Teethgrinder 2.

But Sprung is a good song and Walk Through Darkness oh and Rain Hits Concrete. I listened to those 3 on repeat before the album came out.

It's the 15th anniversary soon ( 2021 ) maybe they could throw the album in the computer - remix it and remaster it and try to bring out the drums a bit more

and take away that 'headphones plugged directly into the amp' guitar sound.

ANYWAY to answer the OP - I always liked their actual B sides when they were in the era of singles.

Our Love Must Die, Pantopon Rose, Opal Mantra ( not an album track )... Stalk and Slash is tucked away on a mediocre album...Black Eye Purple Sky is awesome.

I know it was a lead single but Living In The Shadow is a stunning song. Exiles.... There are hidden gems on most T? albums Smile x

RE: Amazing T? Songs you forgot existed - Cactus - 02-16-2019

Not so much songs I forgot existed but I do have a lot of favourites that don't get mentioned very often - Deep Sleep, Born Too Soon, Marlow, Wall of Mouths, Zipless, Loser Cop, Slippies, Plebians, Save the Sermon, This Ship is Sinking to name a few!

RE: Amazing T? Songs you forgot existed - Squall - 02-17-2019

I love absolutely every crotchet on "Suicide-Pact-You First".

If they don't make Cleave 2 next time - i'd be down for another "fuck sales" album like that again.

Although - I know Andy said he was WAY too expensive - i'd love to hear an absolute pristine album from Garth Richardson. His RATM debut speaks for itself

and his Biffy Clyro produced albums all sound fantastic.

I'm guessing all big name producers would be too expensive - but a Brendan O Brien produced T? album would be cool.

RE: Amazing T? Songs you forgot existed - Tokominovo - 11-18-2019

Jude The Obscene for me.. I still can't get past Infernal Love as one of T's crowning achievements for its moody and haunting theme throughout but Jude The Obscene has been a song I keep reverting back to from this album whereby I just seem to have to listen to it over and over.

RE: Amazing T? Songs you forgot existed - hoochalobster - 11-19-2019

Agreed - if we could just forget Diane and Bowels of Love tho  Angel