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RE: New message boards - hoochalobster - 05-03-2018

I can't see anything in the options to suggest it's disabled.  Might need to find a plug-in.  I shall investigate further over the weekend.

RE: New message boards - hoochalobster - 05-07-2018

Well, I have had a somewhat unsuccessful afternoon installing various plugins and fiddling with code I don't understand to try and fix the video embedding issue. So far, I have not been able to work out what's wrong with it. However, I did find a small plugin that will specifically allow you to embed videos from YouTube.

So, use square brackets not round ones and type:

(utb)youtube video ID(/utb)

By video ID I mean the bit at the end of the youtube URL, after the = symbol.

RE: New message boards - White Psycho - 05-07-2018

Sweet, will give it a go. Cheers for looking into it!

RE: New message boards - Kossu - 05-29-2018

Im still learning this... hopefully this will be the LAST time WOM is being upadated in my "life"Big Grin

RE: New message boards - hoochalobster - 05-29-2018

Tongue Fingers crossed!

RE: New message boards - Kill_Hill - 05-29-2018

I'm using mobile friendly version on my phone. It's grand, no complaints.

RE: New message boards - Kill_Hill - 08-14-2018

I use the mobile version she in here. When you go into the therapy chat one all the threads are kinda pushed to the left of the screen.

RE: New message boards - hoochalobster - 08-14-2018

She in here?

Not sure what you mean but if you could email me some screenshots I can look on the support forums to see if there's a fix?  Let me know what browser etc you're using too.

sarah Attherapyquestionmark.co.uk

RE: New message boards - Jamie - 09-22-2018

Any idea why I can't send PM's?

Updated: seems ok in full site just doesn't work on mobile for me.

RE: New message boards - hoochalobster - 09-23-2018

Is it giving you an error message, or is it just not there?