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release date
24 Apr 2006

One Cure Fits All

  • 1.Outro
  • 2.Sprung
  • 3.Deluded Son
  • 4.Into The Light
  • 5.Lose It All
  • 6.Dopamine, Seratonin, Adrenaline
  • 7.Unconsoled
  • 8.Our White Noise
  • 9.Private Nobody
  • 10.Rain Hits Concrete
  • 11.Fear Of God
  • 12.Heart Beat Hits
  • 13.Walk Through Darkness

Therapy?’s eleventh album, released by Spitfire Records on April 24th, 2006. Produced, mixed and engineered by Pedro Ferreira (Colour Of Fire, The Darkness, Tokyo Dragons).