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release date
23 Mar 2009

Crooked Timber

  • 1. The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself
  • 2. Enjoy The Struggle
  • 3. Clowns Galore
  • 4. Exiles
  • 5. Crooked Timber
  • 6. I Told You I Was Ill
  • 7. Somnambulist
  • 8. Blacken The Page
  • 9. Magic Mountain
  • 10. Bad Excuse For Daylight

Crooked Timber is Therapy? 12th album and focuses more on rythmn than melody. While it is a heavy recording, it’s not exactly the obvious path for us. Why? Andy explains:

“I guess we’re always challenging just what makes us Therapy?. After so many years, if we were formulaic about it, we’d have gotten bored with the band long ago. The album was written together as a band, and each track has its own concept and inspirations. They took a while to write and we’ve taken our time to write them.”

“From the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made.” —Immanuel Kant (18th-century German philosopher)

“The recording is about celebrating people’s quirks, the things which make us unique. These days everyone tries to fit it, instead of just being themselves. The songs examine what it means to be human—to realise that we are the only living things on the planet aware of our own deaths.”