New song on BBC 6 music after 5pm today (weds 23rd)
As per the title. Has it already been heard elsewhere as I haven’t seen anything as yet.

Will be available on catch up as well
Just heard it, sounds great!
Here's the link.  They played Callow

Song starts about 1 hour & 12 mins into show.  Also mentions interview with Andy that will be broadcast tomorrow
Sounds good, it’s a catchy tune. Bodes well!
Notes and chords mean everything to me.
Ugh sign in bullshit. Fuck it i'll wait.
Great tune, andy's voice sounds similar to his voice on NANE. Like he's singing through a  megaphone or something….
Turns out I was already registered with the BBC so I had a listen. Great vocal harmonies.

Production wise it sounds nothing like either Troublegum or Semi Detached. Sounds most like Disquiet but with a bit more clarity i'd say.
It's not blowing me away on first listen but I'll give it some more tries.
I’ll reserve judgement til I hear a decent version of it. Highs tend to get boosted on radio due to compression etc. It’s out tomorrow so I’ll have a proper listen then
It’s available to buy on iTunes now!

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