Why so inactive?
It started with Sexie but what I noticed - which was really sad - was whenever he got a big laugh - he'd repeat the joke until nobody was laughing anymore.

Force Majeure - he didn't even try. He was just in normal clothes and rambling.

He's like a really bad comedian doing a really bad Eddie Izzard impression.
I only just released the WOM had a rebrand in 2019 so that's my excuse  Confused being put back to being a Junior member after I had thousands of posts on the old boards  , is strange.
Yeah the old forum couldn't be migrated.
Hey Pip! Glad you have you with us again Smile
Which facebook group would that be? Sorry, I'm late to the party... and it's kinda dead in here Sad
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1429147414032487/ Smile

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