New Therapy? Album ‘18
Their next album will be completely instrumental and will be a prog rock concept rock opera based on John Cage's 4:33

It will be performed entirely on 3 Glockenspiels

It will be on two discs lasting 43:30 each.
Late to the party (as i always am with anything I love) but I have to say that Cleave has been a real joy to discover. I kinda haven't really followed T? for a good few years now (since NANE) but I had a moment of nostalgia and checked in to see how the guys are doing, and discovered this absolute banger. I've had it on loop for weeks now (interspliced with their albums that I needed to catch up on from the last 10 years or so) and I'm REALLY gutted i didn't pre-order the signed vinyl!

Well, I'm not gonna make the same mistake again. I've signed up to the newsletter and joined this forum so I'm very much back on the T? bus now. Already looking forward to the next album!!
Make sure you grab Crooked Timber if you've not already. A classic, that one.
Welcome, Brendan! I need to give Cleave another spin myself, it was all I listened to for weeks after it came out but actually it's been a while now.
Thanks for the replies guys!

Yes I've been listening to it a lot!! It's brilliant!!

It's really such a sublime record!! I love it so much!!
Agreed with The Borderlands, check out Crooked Timber

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