So Much for the 30-Year Plan: Therapy? the Authorised Biography
Listened to the Greatest Hits the other day. It does sound really good I have to say, and it's nice to have definitive Neil Cooper versions of some of these songs. I thought Opal Mantra sounded great and the full band Diane is always a treat. The only thing is as a fan I've heard all these songs soooo often than I won't be listening to this much. I've seen the band live a lot so usually when I play an album I'm most interested in hearing the songs I haven't heard live loads of times. When I put on Troublegum, which isn't often, it tends to be stuff like Unbeliever and Lunacy Booth I'm looking forward to cos I've not head them anywhere near as often. And I'm more likely to listen to albums with stuff that gets played live less often.

Because of that I'm really looking forward to the bootleg live CD which has a fantastic set of songs. Would love to see them play some of these live again (or for the first time for me).

I saw a comment somewhere recently which I think said they are hoping to get Chris Sheldon to produce a new album later in the year. Sheldon makes them sound great, I just hope their is a bit of weirdness in there after the last two 'big catchy chorus' albums. I like some big catchy choruses - I'd just like them to throw is some experimental tracks in there next time too.

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