Hello, anopther (OLD) Old member here
Post Shameless I'd put the albums in this order :

1. Cleave (2018) -  Absolutely the album 16 year old me wanted in 1995. As close to Troublegum as they've done in 24 years. Great album. Don't even care that it's only 33 minutes.

2. Crooked Timber (2009) - What a relief after the disappointment of One Cure Fits All. Amazing production. Really interesting riffs and a huge rhythm section. Fantastic lyrics which Andy hasn't matched since.

3. Never Apologise, Never Explain (2004) - Basically High Anxiety's insane twin brother. One of the heaviest pummelling albums they've done. Just great from start to finish.

4. High Anxiety (2003) - The closest they came to Troublegum since 1994. Great production. Everything has its place in the mix and stands out. Neil's first album. Martin's final album.

Really catchy and poppy throughout. Plus "Rust" is a highlight. Not only on this album but for their whole career. Great song. Guitars tuned to D or C standard mostly. The start of their current D tuning period.

It's a melodic album but also f---ing heavy in places.

5. Disquiet (2015) The first time the band actively set out to make a Troublegum sequel. They didn't copy it exactly. They came in from the angle of "what if the protagonist from troublegum was still around? 

What would he be doing now?". Some riffs are clearly (to me anyway) nods to some riffs from TG. But not in a terribly blatant way. It's more like " oh yeah that sounds a bit like X or Y song a bit ".

The production isn't great or awful it's just a bit muddy. I really like this album a lot. (But yeah Cleave is much better overall. Chris Sheldon does it again). Musically more straight forward and classic Therapy?

6. A Brief Crack of Light (2012) - Basically Crooked Timber part 2 but as someone else said - doesn't quite reach the same heights. Even has an instrumental. Albeit a lot shorter and not as good. 

It also has 2 of their most experimental songs ever in " The Buzzing " and " Ecclesiastes ". Which sound absolutely nothing like "Screamager" but I do love them. I do honestly.

7. One Cure Fits All (2006). The rushed album. The band have since gone on to say that this album was "under written, under rehearsed and recorded too quickly". The production is very muddled. The drums are notably very

low in the mix. I challenge you to hear the kit at all in the final chorus of "Deluded Son". Not sure how they managed that but there you go. It has a few decent tracks on but there's nothing *GREAT* as far as i'm concerned.

I tried listening to it again last week and it's one of those poorly produced albums where you think " ah it cant be that bad " - then you put it on and yeah it is. Private Nobody is just Teethgrinder.

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