Death Race 2019
Tongue Big Grin
1- Jerry (Doris Day *UNLUCKY 13* 7, Herman Wouk *UNIQUE* 7, Fernando Ricksen *UNIQUE* *JOKER* 26, Jacques Chirac *UNIQUE* 9, Leah Bracknell 9) 58
2- Derminator (Harold Bloom *UNIQUE* 9, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi *UNIQUE* *UNNATURAL* *JOKER* 32) 41
3- Jarlath (Valerie Harper *UNIQUE* 9, Leah Bracknell 9, Gay Byrne *UNIQUE* 9, Clive James *UNIQUE* 9) 36
4- Moldenwibe (Toni Morrison *UNIQUE* 9, Robert Mugabe 5) 14
5- Crazy Horse (Doris Day *UNLUCKY 13* 7, Robert Mugabe 5) 12
6- Jamie (Doris Day *UNLUCKY 13*) 7
7- White Psycho - 0
I've had a good look through but as far as I can tell the results above are final. Moldenwibe had Larry Gogan, but he passed in 2020.

Well done Jerry with your record breaking score. I've sent you a PM for a CD if you want one.

Only back here in a while , had almost forgotten about it...

Delighted with the win and great to enter the illustrious Hall of Death Predictors !

Thanks for the offer , Derm , but this was purely for a bit of fun of which I had plenty since gaining top spot , taking a prize for it would take away from that.

Now to see if I'm still in time for the 2020 version.

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