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Greetings! Salutations! - Frosty - 10-25-2018

Well, like the other two threads, I am an old member...somewhat.  Back in 2010, I posted on Wall of Mouths for a bit, listing fictitious albums and song titles and what not.  

I think I just might be the only Therapy? fan in Tennessee.  Can you believe that shit??

I like to crush guitars and clobber drum sets.  I enjoy long hops on the beach with pogo sticks.  Kneecap dislocations not included, sold separately.  

So anyway, to make a short story even shorter...I first heard Therapy? back in the mid 90s from a vidya game called Road Rash.  The song Auto Surgery was so good that it melted my face off.  So now I go around wearing various Halloween masks except for when it's Halloween time, of course.