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  What do you think about weddings?
Posted by: duongger - 03-27-2020, 09:39 AM - Forum: General chat - No Replies

People spend so much money on a party and then pay loans for years. I read an article about people going bankrupts cause of it.

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  So Much for the 30-Year Plan: Therapy? the Authorised Biography
Posted by: The Borderlands - 02-26-2020, 10:03 PM - Forum: General Therapy? chat - Replies (15)

Just seen this on Amazon - release date of 22nd September


"'Before we recorded Infernal Love, I didn't know if I was coming or going. I developed quite a healthy drug habit and was drinking a bottle of Absolut vodka every day. I thought that if I gave up drinking, I'd spend the next two weeks lying in bed and feeling sick. I decided to keep going and see if inspiration would hit ...' Andy Cairns, Therapy?

So Much For The 30-Year Plan is the first ever book to detail the life of Therapy?, one of rock's boldest and most idiosyncratic acts. Written with the full co-operation of the band's current members--frontman Andy Cairns, bassist Michael McKeegan, and drummer Neil Cooper--this official biography explores the dizzying highs and crushing lows they have experienced while navigating a three-decade-long career.

Featuring extensive interviews with the band and key figures from throughout their career, So Much For The 30-Year Plan offers insights into the band's origins in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, the backlash they received from the underground scene after signing to a major label, the birth of their million-selling 1994 album Troublegum, the full story behind their split with founding member Fyfe Ewing, and much more. Published to coincide with the band's thirtieth anniversary tour, this is essential reading for all Therapy? fans--and for anyone with an interest in the alternative music of the era."

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  Greatest Hits (Abbey Road)
Posted by: The_Derminator - 01-17-2020, 12:45 PM - Forum: General Therapy? chat - Replies (23)

Seems like a really good idea to me. Other bands would just throw out a collection of their greatest hits. Those Therapy? boys never let us down, do they??

Does anyone have a tracklist?

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  Pick one song from each album to hear live (30 Year Tour dreaming!)
Posted by: gb199 - 01-09-2020, 06:00 PM - Forum: General Therapy? chat - Replies (13)

Hey all!  Anyone still here??  I'm looking to flush out as many of you as I can with a (hopefully) fun question for you to ponder...  If you read this you have to respond with your list Wink

As we know, T? are touring this year for their 30th anniversary.  Whilst I don't believe they've given any clue as to what these shows entail, I'm sure most of us are hoping for a set spanning their entire career with some surprises thrown in.  That got me thinking about a Cure gig I went to years ago, when they played one song off each album.  If T? did similar, what would you want to hear?  Some suggested rules first of all, though this is for fun so if you wish to ignore do so...

1. Albums are defined by the Wiki page disography (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therapy%3F), so does not include live, compilations, EPs, the PD / Nurse merger.  Hopefully none of you are sneaky enough to alter the page to get more songs in!
2. You can pick one song from each album
3. You can pick one song from all compilations, but this should not be a song that is on a full album.  For example, you can pick Fat Camp from SMFTTYP but not Screamager as that is already on Troublegum
4. You are allowed four wild card picks, for those songs that you really love but just came up short on the other categories

That's it!  Once complete you'll have 20 songs for your list.  How you choose is up to you.  It could be your favourites, or songs you'd love to hear live.  Hope you enjoy, and with a bit of luck T? may get a few ideas!

Here's my list:

Babyteeth                                    Innocent X
Pleasure Death                             Potato Junkie
Nurse                                          Accelerator
Troublegum                                 Brainsaw
Infernal Love                               30 Seconds
Semi Detached                             Straight Life
Suicide Pact – You First                 Ten (thirty!) Year Plan
Shameless                                   Tango Romeo
High Anxiety                                If it Kills Me
Never Apologise Never Explain       Rise Up
One Cure Fits All                          Sprung
Crooked Timber                           Clowns Galore
A Brief Crack of Light                    Marlow
Disquiet                                      Idiot Cousin
Cleave                                        Callow

B-side / rarity / compilation           Cello Song
Wild Card 1                                 Bad Karma
Wild Card 2                                 No Sunshine
Wild Card 3                                 Unconsoled
Wild Card 4                                 Fat Camp

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  Death Race 2020
Posted by: The_Derminator - 01-09-2020, 03:51 PM - Forum: General chat - Replies (35)

Death Race 16 - 2020 Edition
1) Pick TWENTY celebrities who you think are going to pop their clogs in 2020.
2) The only restrictions are that they have to be real people, 18+, and can’t be on death row / scheduled for execution.
3) The score you get for a death depends on the celebrity’s AGE as follows:
18-29 years: 12 points
30-49 years: 10 points
50-59 years: 9 points
60-69 years: 8 points
70-79 years: 7 points
80-89 years: 6 points
90-99 years: 5 points
100-109 years: 4 points
110+ years: 3 points
4) BONUS points are awarded as follows:
Unique pick: +3 if you were the only competitor to pick that person.
Unlucky 13: +2 for a celeb who dies on the 13th of any month.
Unnatural causes: +3 for murder, suicide or accident (but not State executions).
Party pooper: +5 for a celeb who dies on their birthday or Xmas Day (date of death is that of the region where they died).
Joker: Nominate one of your celebs as joker - if your joker dies you get double points for that person.
5) They must be famous enough to get a major news website obituary or to have a wikipedia entry that isn’t a stub
6) In the event of a tie, the following criteria is used in this order:
a) The most correctly-chosen deceased celebs.
b) The youngest average age of hits.
c) The first to score points that year.
7) The deadline is end of Jan (but we won’t be too strict with that)
8) Remember to check that your entrants aren’t already dead
9) Committing murder is cheating
10) Good luck! :-)

2005: Deadsetgav
2006: Ci? (Lola)
2007: sp
2008: The Autosurgeon
2009: Caffinebomb
2010: Jobrok (with 22 points)
2011: Lola (with 38 points)
2012: Chr1s (with 48 points)
2013: Dermot (with 41 points)
2014: Moldenwibe (with 43 points)
2015: Mike Hill (49 points)
2016: Chr1s (with 48 points)
2017: Mfgeorge (with 57 points)
2018: Chr1s (with 28 points)
2019: Jerry (with 58 points)

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  Death Race 2020 Anyone?
Posted by: tbs63 - 01-08-2020, 03:17 AM - Forum: General chat - Replies (3)

Are we not doing Death Race 2020?

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  Here Comes Chaos!
Posted by: hoochalobster - 12-12-2019, 05:24 PM - Forum: Buy, sell, trade - No Replies

Just a wee plug for Diamond Dave's new book, Here Comes Chaos, which I am putting in this forum only because it features Therapy?.  It's a short illustrated story about his pet dog.  Very sweet, and very Dave.

Also, full disclosure, my husband did the illustrations so I am a bit biased. Big Grin

You can buy it online via PayPal at http://herecomeschaos.co.uk/

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  Dublin 2020
Posted by: megahorse17 - 12-11-2019, 10:52 PM - Forum: Therapy? live - Replies (2)

Any word on anything at all yet?

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  30 years anniversary tour
Posted by: trigger - 12-01-2019, 09:28 PM - Forum: Therapy? live - Replies (11)

So, who's going to attend these shows? What's your expectations from them? I'm attending the Brussels gig... I must say i'm fairly excited Big Grin

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  Only taken 25 years!
Posted by: Tokominovo - 11-18-2019, 06:13 PM - Forum: New members (introduce yourself) - Replies (1)

Hey Everyone

I'm Martin from Scotland - been a Therapy? fan since Troublegum (1994) - sad it's taken this long to join the forum but here I am..

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