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  Death Race 2019
Posted by: The_Derminator - 01-06-2019, 07:03 AM - Forum: General chat - Replies (8)

Death Race 15 - 2019 Edition
1) Pick TWENTY celebrities who you think are going to pop their clogs in 2019.
2) The only restrictions are that they have to be real people, 18+, and can’t be on death row / scheduled for execution.
3) The score you get for a death depends on the celebrity’s AGE as follows:
18-29 years: 12 points
30-49 years: 10 points
50-59 years: 9 points
60-69 years: 8 points
70-79 years: 7 points
80-89 years: 6 points
90-99 years: 5 points
100-109 years: 4 points
110+ years: 3 points
4) BONUS points are awarded as follows:
Unique pick: +3 if you were the only competitor to pick that person.
Unlucky 13: +2 for a celeb who dies on the 13th of any month.
Unnatural causes: +3 for murder, suicide or accident (but not State executions).
Party pooper: +5 for a celeb who dies on their birthday or Xmas Day (date of death is that of the region where they died).
Joker: Nominate one of your celebs as joker - if your joker dies you get double points for that person.
5) They must be famous enough to get a major news website obituary or to have a wikipedia entry that isn’t a stub
6) In the event of a tie, the following criteria is used in this order:
a) The most correctly-chosen deceased celebs.
b) The youngest average age of hits.
c) The first to score points that year.
7) The deadline is end of Jan (but we won’t be too strict with that)
8) Remember to check that your entrants aren’t already dead
9) Committing murder is cheating
10) Good luck! :-)

2005: Deadsetgav
2006: Ci? (Lola)
2007: sp
2008: The Autosurgeon
2009: Caffinebomb
2010: Jobrok (with 22 points)
2011: Lola (with 38 points)
2012: Chr1s (with 48 points)
2013: Dermot (with 41 points)
2014: Moldenwibe (with 43 points)
2015: Mike Hill (49 points)
2016: Chr1s (with 48 points)
2017: Mfgeorge (with 57 points)
2018: Chr1s (with 28 points)

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  Communion - live at the Union Chapel treble cd
Posted by: gb199 - 01-02-2019, 01:34 PM - Forum: Buy, sell, trade - Replies (3)

Hi all,

I’ve just found this cd released a couple of years ago. I don’t tend to keep cds so wondered if a womble would like it? Selling for £16 which includes recorded postage within the UK. If you want postage from further afield let me know and I’ll get a quote

Note it’s a cardboard sleeve so has some minor creases and scratches in some corners. Only noticeable if you look for them.

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  Merry Xmas
Posted by: hoochalobster - 12-20-2018, 12:58 PM - Forum: General chat - Replies (5)

[Image: tpyxmas2013-zps65f8fe04.jpg]

One from the archives, merry Christmas, y'all x

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  Best of 2018
Posted by: Jamie - 12-18-2018, 06:07 PM - Forum: General chat - Replies (1)

It's been an amazing year for music so here goes:

The standout albums (only just!):

Zeal and Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Conjuror - Mire

And the rest:

Lorn - Remnant
Holy Fawn - Deathspells
Crippled Black Phoenix - The Great Escape
Møl - Jord
Rival Consoles - Persona
Gazelle Twin - Pastoral
GosT - Possessor
Nenah Cherry - Broken Politics
Ghost - Prequelle
Thou - Magus / Rhea Sylvia / Inconsolable / The House Primordial (Album and 3 long EPs in a year, magic)
Portrayal of Guilt - Let Pain Be Your Guide
Irreversible Mechanism - Immersion
Hollywood Burns - Invaders
Svalbard - It's Hard To Have Hope
Pijn - Loss
Frontierer - Unloved
The Void Engine - Cosmic Atrophy
Therapy? - Cleave
Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch
Talons - We All Know
Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth
ASIWYFA - The Endless Shimmering
Perturbator - B sides & Remixes
Electric Dragon - Dark Water
Sumac - Love In Shadow
Realm Of Wolves - Oblivion
YOB - This Raw Heart
Big Lad - Pro Rock
JK Flesh - New Horizons
JK Flesh - Wasplike
Gör Flsh - For The Kvlt
The Untouchables - Mutations
Pigs x7 - King Of Cowards
Alone In The Woods - Alone In The Woods
Goreshit - Loather
Ohms - Exist
Secret Cutter - Quantum Eraser
Sleep - The Sciences

And quite a few others I can't be bothered to list.


Jeff Noon - The body library
M John Harrison - You Should Come With Me Now

This Country
People Just Do Nothing

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  Irish Tour 2019
Posted by: The_Derminator - 11-20-2018, 11:30 AM - Forum: Therapy? live - Replies (6)

Derry, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Dundalk in mid March 2019.

No Belfast or Dublin (yet?...)

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  Bootleg Question
Posted by: Siddas - 11-17-2018, 01:16 PM - Forum: General Therapy? chat - Replies (4)

What's the score with uploading a bootleg for free download?  Is that allowed on here?

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Posted by: smeghead - 11-17-2018, 01:08 AM - Forum: General Therapy? chat - Replies (1)

It's me: Smeghead. I abandoned you guys for many, many years and I'm very sorry. Had a chance meeting with Hooch and others this evening and it made me realise just how cool it all was back before Faceache and Twatter and all that shit.
Anyway, if you chatted with me back in the day and would like to reconnect then please add me on Facebook (Anna Cook).
I've had to create a new identity on here because I cannot remember my username etc.
Anyway, fucking Manchester. Jeez, still buzzing. Hope you all ended up in Big Hands with an aftershow that makes your head hurt.
Love you all. Anna xxxx

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  Private Messages
Posted by: hoochalobster - 11-15-2018, 08:02 AM - Forum: Help, feedback and suggestions - No Replies

Hi all

Just a reminder that if you want to receive private messages, you need to allow this setting in your account.  You can send someone a message but that they won't be able to reply to you unless you have chosen to receive PMs.

Go to

User CP (top left)
Your profile (left-hand menu)
Edit Options (this is NOT the same as 'edit profile' but it is in the same menu)

In the options, you can switch receiving private messages on/off.


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  Greetings! Salutations!
Posted by: Frosty - 10-25-2018, 04:05 PM - Forum: New members (introduce yourself) - No Replies

Well, like the other two threads, I am an old member...somewhat.  Back in 2010, I posted on Wall of Mouths for a bit, listing fictitious albums and song titles and what not.  

I think I just might be the only Therapy? fan in Tennessee.  Can you believe that shit??

I like to crush guitars and clobber drum sets.  I enjoy long hops on the beach with pogo sticks.  Kneecap dislocations not included, sold separately.  

So anyway, to make a short story even shorter...I first heard Therapy? back in the mid 90s from a vidya game called Road Rash.  The song Auto Surgery was so good that it melted my face off.  So now I go around wearing various Halloween masks except for when it's Halloween time, of course.  



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  Free Kerrang T? event in Londdon
Posted by: Moldenwibe - 10-04-2018, 11:15 AM - Forum: Therapy? live - Replies (1)

everyone seen this?


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